New Mentor


Today we present you another mentor that you will surely like. This time we have a female on our team. It’s all about balance people. We don’t want to be judgmental, right?!

Now on to the good part. Let us introduce this wonderful lady that is joining our team.

Lejla Softic


Lejla was the core founder of SoftConsulting s.p. Tuzla. As an economics graduate, with many years of experience in the banking industry, Lejla was in charge of coordination of development and improvement of business activity/sales network and managing the business risks. In her 13 years of working in this industry, some of her most important projects were: introduction and development of card business, construction and development of user application modules, operational risk management, employee education and others.
As a participant of business exchange program, funded by the State Department, over 12 years ago, Lejla had a chance to spend some time in the US and get acquainted with the functioning of banking and financial systems in highly developed economies.
In order to improve her business skills, Lejla has participated in multiple national and international seminars and training programs, where she had the opportunity, in addition to monitoring the modern trends in the development of banking industry, she has developed skills in organizing various workshops, as well as the presentation of new business technologies.
In November of 2012, Lejla became the mentor of Cheir Blair Foundation.
While going through the global financial crisis, Lejla has decided to use her learned skills in the banking industry and with the goal of contributing to the development of local business environment and management consulting, and open the doors of SoftConsulting s.p. Tuzla.

You can find Mrs. Softic on:
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