New Coach


Seeing only two coaches on the list makes it seem a little bit sad, so we recruited few more excellent people that will help you conquer the weekend and come out victorious.
But instead of telling you all the people we recruited at this moment, we will introduce you one by one each day.

For today, we present you Fuad Curcic.

Fuad slika

He is an energetic manager and researcher that will deliver creative solutions to your challenges.
He managed teams and projects related to IT and business, software development, business modeling and development.
Some of his specialties include research knowledge, business modeling, business analysis, IT project management.
His work experience that starts from early 1996 has evolved greatly. Starting as an Extranet & Internet site administrator, and Resident Assistant at the Housing Office, Fuad has moved up the ladder from then point on. In the past years he was holding a position as Project Manager at Global Compact and e-Legilslation Reform Project, and from there he moved on to be the Chief of IT sector and acting Director at Establish d.o.o. Now he is currently holding a position as the Business Development Manager Excellence in Innovation BiH Office.
Getting several awards and scholarships while studying in college, Fuad also published  papers, and held presentations at several conferences.
Fuad is an all around a great mentor and coach who can help our dear participants learn some skills in how to manage a business, be that a small or large one.