So you’re a teenager!?


Struggling in the world where grown-ups rule and where you need to sit back and wait years and years until someone asks you for your opinion, is something that teenagers and young adults all around the world have to experience daily. But is that really true? Is there no way out? Do you always have to keep quiet and not oppose the elders?

Not these two teenagers!

Meet Drew Scott and Nick D’Aloisio who turned their hobbies into successful businesses.

Drew Scott has turned his scrapbooking hobby into a successful worldwide six figure business where he helps old photo albums to be spruced up and it’s preserve their personal history.

On the other hand, Nick D’Aloisio, from London, had turned his mobile app, that he created while he was only 15 years old, into a multimillion dollar business. “Silicon Valley giant Yahoo is turning to a 17-year-old to boost the company’s mobile development by acquiring the teenager’s tech start-up in a reported multi-million dollar deal” as reported by CNN.

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And see how even a teenager can create a multimillion business starting only from a simple idea.