Registration is now OPEN!


Now that we have set everything in motion and we gathered few judges and coaches, that are willing to help us create an unforgettable weekend, we went ahead and opened the registration.

So that said, we only have a limited number of tickets, due to the size of the space we are holding this years Startup Weekend.The smartest idea would be to go now and get your ticket and for your  2 other friends and enjoy piece and quiet, knowing you will be there and it will be memorable.

Another reminder: after completing the registration form online, you will be required to go to your nearest bank and pay the registration fee. The registration will not be completed until you pay the fee.

Remember, the price is only 20KM = $13.4 = 10.23 € for all students, and 30KM = $20 = 15.34 € for all working adults. Of course, we do need to be nice to students, right!? It’s not easy to pay all those tests and pass them as well. Be proud and strong!



Student – 20KM = $13.4 = 10.23 €
Working Adult30KM = $20 = 15.34 €

Recipient/PrimaocFondacija za inovaciju tehnologije (ITF)
Address/AdresaTrg Slobode 16
Bank Account/Ziro racun1610250016920242